In-House Training Center

Our in-house training center is designed to teach and demonstrate all aspects of our life safety and security systems specifically tailored each customer’s own needs.

The primary goal of this one on one, “hands-on” environment is to provide an operator with sufficient skills to determine the possible cause of a system problem, and to perform the steps needed to get the system back up in an emergency, until a certified technician can repair and/or certify the system as operational. It also gives trainees the opportunity to create and silence alarms without disrupting their own work environment

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Upon course completion you will be able to:
  • Recognize the standard abbreviations, symbols and terminology used with fire alarms
  • Understand the differences hard-wired and addressable systems
  • Understand the importance of supervised operation of initiating devices, notification devices, annunciation devices and interface relays.
  • Understand the features of pull stations, including single-action, double-action, alarming covers and locked units.
  • Understand the features of smoke detectors, including analog, ionization, photoelectric, duct detectors and test/reset stations.
  • Understand the available features of heat detectors, including analog, fixed temperature, rate of rise and test aids.
  • Recognize the names and basic principles associated with specialized detectors, such as beam detectors and UV sensors.
  • Understand the features of notification devices including voice, audible, and visual.
  • Monitor and control system operations and functions
  • Acknowledge and reset Alarm, Supervisory, Monitor, and Trouble events
  • Disable/enable fire and security points
  • Bypass security points
  • Reset security events
  • View access control events

* Training can also be performed on-site at the customer’s facility

* Operator training courses are available on CD-Rom